Window and door systems

ACCU aluminum systems enable the construction of many different types of windows and doors depending on the scope of application and detailed requirements for functionality, aesthetics, thermal insulation, resistance to burglary, smoke-tightness or fire resistance


Sliding systems

They provide the user with a comfortable, non-threshold passage from the house to the terrace, acting after opening the perfect combination of the interior of the building with its surroundings ..

Despite the large dimensions possible to achieve, their slim construction gives the impression of being light and delicate, and the whole is an almost uniform glazing with narrow dividing lines, perfectly blending into luxurious buildings.


Winter gardens

The Winter Garden System was created in the form of a structure that enables direct contact of users with nature and the surrounding landscape. This type of construction is to provide a new quality of life in the living space, with light falling from above. Thanks to this, we achieve a great lighting of the room and the optimal interior climate.



Facade systems are used to construct glazed facades of public buildings. They are also used to make spatial constructions and roof glazing whose task is to adequately illuminate the interiors of buildings and create in them a unique climate and comfort for users


Interior Office systems

Modern ACCU systems from aluminum constructions without thermal insulation are designed for making glass walls and internal partitions with high aesthetics that emphasize the representative character of the rooms.