About us

ACCU ma ponad 18 letnie doświadczenie w projektowaniu oraz produkcji okien i drzwi aluminiowych. Nasze konstrukcje odzwierciedlają zarówno nowoczesne wzornictwo, jak i lata doświadczenia w branży. Okna, drzwi tarasowe, drzwi przesuwne oraz drzwi wejściowe ACCU, są idealnym uzupełnieniem dzisiejszej architektury.

We are a team that actively engages in providing the best solutions for our clients. Our products speak for themselves.

Our determination has enabled us to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients, because we are still aware of the values that helped us to gain them: real and total commitment to customer satisfaction.

Bearing in mind the dynamic and demanding market, which is constantly changing, we responded with modern equipment of the plant for the production of aluminum constructions.

Our quality management system meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 / EN ISO 14001 series.

Products offered by ACCU meet all the requirements of European standards, regarding the quality of alloys, tolerances and strength characteristics ..